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Wheelchair Dancer
Wheelchair Dancer
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Music by Mike Hamer and lyric contribution by Donna Gulick

Young Amy Holloway has been dancing as long as she can remember, and she does not believe that using a wheelchair as a result of a spinal injury should stop her. The beautiful, inspiring "Wheelchair Dancer," performed by the Jelly Educational Theater with three cast members in their own wheelchairs, explores the concept of "disability" and the pursuit of dreams. It was selected as one of the ten best plays produced in the area during 1999 by the Chapel Hill Newspaper, and was enacted in Athens, Greece in celebration of the Paralympics from October 2004 - February 2005.


"Every school in every school system should see this show."
Arts Administrator

"When you and the rest of Dance Along danced all together it looked so cool. The show was great."
Second Grader
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