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Like Sarah's new ebook! Sarah Froeber’s training and experiences are eclectic, but there are common threads in her background. One such thread is her tremendous love for children. For over 40 years, she has worked with and for young people. With an M.A. in Child Psychology, Sarah participated in research on parenting practices, directed two demonstration day care centers (at Vance-Granville Community College and at U.N.C’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center) and taught child development classes in high schools and community colleges. She also co-founded and served as artistic director and resident playwright of the award winning Jelly Educational Theater, and has written a number of books for children (some of which she illustrated.) With her plays and books, Sarah seeks to empower children and their caregivers by confronting emotional and social issues of concern to them. A portion of the after tax profits from the sale of her works is donated to The Jelly Foundation she created to "sweeten the lives of children."

Sarah’s books and plays are illustrative of another thread in Sarah’s multifaceted career – a huge delight in creative expression. She has written for adults as well as children, and she is a trained actress, having studied with renowned acting coach Sanford Meisner and with the National Improvisational Theater. Sarah was a founding member of Transactors Improvisation Company, performed with several theater companies including Heritage Repertory Company and NC Shakespeare festival, served as a segment host on an American Public Radio show called “Kids America,” and taught acting at Duke University.

One more thread winds its way through Sarah’s life itinerary: a passion for adventure. An inveterate traveler, she has wandered the globe, trying to improve her Spanish, French and Italian, writing memoirs, and having FUN! A recent trek was the 500 mile pilgrimage from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago, Spain. Who knows where she will go or what she will do next?!

Rainbow's Orchestra
Sarah's children's book Rainbow's Orchestra, illustrated by Ginny Chenet, is now available. Rainbow is a lizard who, like us all, wants to be accepted by his friends. And, like each of us, Rainbow is unique. He has a gift to share, but he must first believe in himself and be willing to take risks.


"Great, marvelous, wonderful, fabulous, inspirational, momentous, just right, perfect, creative, special, thoughtful, provocative, cool, child-friendly."

"(The meaning of the story is) you should be you and do what you want to do."
Fourth grader

"I absolutely love it!"
Caretaker of Special Needs Child
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